14th ILLY Systems National User Group 2020

ILLY Systems are delighted to announce the 14th National User Group, to be held virtually starting on the 11th November. As usual, the event will be devoted to examining the challenges facing workers within the substance misuse field and discussing ways to help improve outcomes for both services and service users.


2019 ILLY User Group - Delivering Personalised Treatment

We will focus on how we can develop the tools and technology needed to deliver better solutions, sharing our planned developments for next year and working with you through a series of consultative workshops to help shape our ideas before we put them into practice.
Your Opinion Matters Our team Making a difference
Your opinion matters Always there to help you Making a real difference
We will listen and work with you to help bring about the changes that help you, your services, and your clients. Our specialist teams understand the challenges you face, and we are dedicated to helping you resolve any issues effectively and efficiently. Meet and share best practice and experience with other local authorities, NHS Trusts, and community service colleagues to help drive national improvement.


Your views count

So that we can work safely and support your teams, we have made this year’s user group virtual. This will enable more of your team members to participate and work with the rest of the ILLY Community.

We will be using Zoom to communicate and as always we will be at hand if  you need any help.

If you have not already signed up for the sessions, please call or send us an e-mail and we will be delighted to invite you – we can assure you that you will find it really useful and see the new features and functions we are looking to deliver a part of our on going roadmap.

Phone   0207 749 2222     email   clientservices@illycorp.com