At present there are 43 areas which have received the additional funding - each with their own local needs and challenges. The difficulties faced by those rough sleeping in inner-city London are quite different from those in more rural part of Northamptonshire and Bedford. Similarly commissioners have ceased this opportunity to further develop and tailor the local services to offer integrated pathways to help the clients recover.

The picture nationally is one of continued developed and innovation with:

  • Many already have many vulnerable and at risk clients in their treatment.
  • Many authorities have been working hard to engage their service providers and internal staff.
  • Some authorities are awaiting vacancies and staff to be recruited.

So that ILLY can support these activities and initiatives, we have developed and configured LINKS CarePath to meet these needs, especially being able to share client information across different organisations and teams ensuring that the clients remain at the centre of their work.

To enable this, we have developed the Rough Sleeping On-Boarding process which enables the Local Authority to have confidence in the process as well as check that the visibility and clarity are there from the very beginning.




How to find out more?

Our teams are dedicated to support the Local authorities and their commissioned providers.

  1. Presently PHE have developed and submitted monitoring Excel Spreadsheets which will enable Local Authorities to submit their returns in line with the RS Grant funding.
  2. As part of the On-boarding process, we will electronically migrate the row-level client data into the RS system. Once you have approved the transfer in the test environment, we do a similar process in the LIVE production environment as well as train your key staff (including commissioners).
  3. We will support and guide you if you get stuck or need help.


Next Steps

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please get in touch with our Client Services team and we’ll be happy to help:

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