The Rough Sleeping Initiative is new and there is a huge drive by the government to help some of  the most vulnerable people in our community.

So that we can help support Commissioners and Providers alike, PHE colleagues were kind enough to help support a number of key questions raised with us:

1.  (PHE) Summary of the RS Initiative (00:10)

2.  (PHE) What Local Authorities have been tasked to do? (01:22)

3.  (PHE) How will LAs know whether they should supply the data using the consolidated returns or the row-level data? Is there any guidance to support this? (02:15)

4.  (PHE) Funding and Budget data - what is needed and how is this supplied (03:35)

5.  (PHE) Can PHE clarify the client consent and ownership of the data that is collected on behalf of the RS initiative? (04:35)

6.  (ILLY) Can you give a summary of the RS system and how this will benefit the LA and providers? (06:08)

7.  (ILLY) How will the data be migrated / supplied to ILLY? (10:00)

8.  (ILLY) ILLY Training - how will this be delivered and who can attend? (13:55)

9. (ILLY) Final thoughts (15:55)

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us


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