CarePath has been designed and developed with practitioners for many years. Each year we meet with the ILLY community and get brilliant feedback and lots of encouragement to further develop new and modern technologies, especially around remote working and digital interventions.

The training has been completely revamped to help ensure it meets the requirements of all members of staff, including:

  • Key workers - actual hands on exercises with "real world" clients using meaningful terminology from our experienced trainers who have worked in the sector.
  • Service Manager Training - these are designed for managers and team leader to gain visibility and check progress.
  • Commissioners Dashboards - these are "real-time" with tailored widgets giving power of data analytics and the ability to "drill-down" to core data.

All our training will be conducted remotely using either Teams or Zoom with plenty of exercises and guided learning aids. With the additional support which we also offer, we are convinced that the intuitive system will quickly be integrated into the work practices.

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