Focus On: NDTMS Core Data Set Q

Delivering CDS-Q 

ILLY is a national provider of the LINKS CarePath therapeutic case management system. We are entrusted to support the ILLY community – which is comprised of both Adult and Young Person’s community-based services, as well as services delivered within secure settings – and helping them provide specialist care for people impacted by substance misuse.


Our role is to provide safe and secure systems that are compliant and trusted as we continue to make a real difference within our communities. Today we are sharing with you the upgrade process to ‘LINKS CarePath v2022’, which includes the dataset changes required for your service to be compliant for the new NDTMS Core Dataset – CDS-Q. To support the dataset changes that will be included in your next release of CarePath, ILLY has added new data items and further enhanced existing functionality.

What is CDS-Q and how does it impact you?

On 1st October 2021 NDTMS – alongside other elements of PHE – transitioned over to the new Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID). OHID will continue to strive to refine the substance misuse datasets thus ensuring effective monitoring of treatment outcomes, and subsequently guiding the Government’s drug and alcohol strategy using this data.

This new dataset is Core Data Set version Q which has been designed to further develop the collection of data and information which is used by both OHID professionals and commissioners, responsible for driving their local community improvement strategies.

The key changes in CDS-Q are:

  • Alignment across the four datasets – Adult/YP Community, Adult/YP Secure Settings – to improve consistency around data collection between community and secure settings

  • New questions were added across all datasets to capture information around Domestic Abuse

  • The field recording the ‘Treatment Stage’ of a TOP/YPOR will be removed as it is no longer required for analysis

  • New question around employment added to the TOP

  • New fields to support clients receiving Individual Placement Support (IPS) across the AD and YP datasets

  • New Modalities added to capture those clients receiving the following support:

    • IPS Work & Health Programme*

    • ADDER support*

    • Accelerator Support*

    • Rough Sleeping Drug / Alcohol Treatment Grant (RSDATG)*

    • Opioid maintenance – buprenorphine depot injection (e.g. Buvidal)

    • Opioid reduction – buprenorphine depot injection (e.g. Buvidal)

* A new rule will apply to these Modalities allowing the start date to occur before triage or after discharge date

Core Dataset Switch-over

On October 19th 2021, ILLY attended an online seminar delivered by OHID in which they presented the key changes included in CDS-Q.  At the ILLY National User Group in December 2021, we will be explaining how these changes will be deployed to your LIVE and UAT environments.

CDS-Q data items should be collected for all new clients who come into treatment on or after 01/04/2022, with new data items being included in the May submission of April’s data (submissions on or after 01/05/2022). Below is the timeline advising of the implementation process which will support the switch-over:

Next Steps

The ILLY Client Services team will be working closely with your data leads to schedule your UAT and LIVE release next year, and will help facilitate the sign-off process.

What you’ll need to do:

  1. Review the changes proposed in CDS-Q in-line with local data processes
  2. Test and verify the new changes within your UAT/Test environment
  3. Liaise with our training team who will design your training in-line with your local requirements

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please get in touch with our Client Services team and we’ll be happy to help:

Phone  +44 (0)20 4566 5727   email