FocusOn: C.O.P.D, Optimal Dosing OST and ACEs

ILLY is on a mission to make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable young people and adults who may be at risk of harm caused by the effects of substance misuse. Key within this is taking a personalised treatment approach which is focused on the needs of the individual and their family members / significant others who are in turn affected by their substance use.

This year, COVID-19 has seen one of the biggest impacts on our communities in generations. The pain and hardship this has brought has had a global reach, and has been acutely felt by the most vulnerable members of our society. With people experiencing substance misuse issues more likely to develop serious complications if they get infected with COVID-19 – including acute respiratory distress syndrome – we wanted to share 3 FocusOn documents which you will find useful:


1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (C.O.P.D) – this article focused on what it is, why it’s important and, more importantly, how it can be diagnosed.

FocusOn COPD


2. Optimal Dosing for Opiate Substitute Treatment (OST) dispensing OST is challenging at best of times, and COVID-19 has added it’s own set of additional challenges. That said, for the medication to be effective, the dose has to be optimal to support the clients in their recovery. This FocusOn article outlines the challenge and some of the options available to practitioners going forward.

FocusOn OST


3. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – the evidence and correlation between ACEs and risk developing Health Harming Behaviours (HHB) in later life is very high. This FocusOn document outlines the challenges services face by Commissioners, Young People and Adult Services in supporting their clients.

FocusOn ACE



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