NAZ Project: Sexual Health Support in London

              “Above all, our aim is to make sure the needs of BAME Communities aren’t forgotten

Kim Hawkins – Policy and Research Officer at NAZ

Addressing Health Inequalities within BAME Communities

For over 29 years, NAZ Project London have been delivering culturally and linguistically appropriate guidance and support to BAME communities who have been affected by poor sexual, reproductive and HIV outcomes. Throughout this period, their objective has been clear: to ensure that the health needs of BAME communities are not forgotten by working with anyone who may have difficulty accessing mainstream health services.

In order to do this, their teams have utilised data-driven techniques to enhance their tailored approach towards addressing the sexual health inequalities within BAME communities. Whilst a large proportion of their work is focussed around sexual health awareness and outreach to a wide range of communities, they also carry out culturally specific interventions and community-driven campaigns to help deliver meaningful change. A crucial part of their interventions and support is the person centred, psycho-dynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy that they provide to people who are experiencing difficulties with their sexuality, sexual health and relationships.



At ILLY, one of our main priorities in recent years has been to deliver dynamic and intuitive systems with services, for services, which enable the ILLY Community to continue to deliver a high standard of support to vulnerable adults and young people. In order to do this, our teams have been continuously developing our digital tools to ensure they can be used across a wide range of services within multiple sectors, such as substance misuse, mental health, sexual health and supported housing.

We are really excited to announce our new partnership with NAZ, following the successful rollout of LINKS CarePath to their teams as part of their move away from paper based processes to a fully digital solution. Their team’s initial feedback has been excellent, as they have already begun to use CarePath to drill down into the demographics of their client base to help ensure they fully understand their clients, as well as use nuanced reports to maximise their team’s efficiency.

For more information on the work NAZ have been doing over the past few months and their objectives over the next year, please watch the short video below:

Next Steps

The challenges faced by vulnerable people continues to increase but it’s through shared experiences and approaches that we can all improve our communities.

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