ILLY’s Practitioner of the Year Award 2017 goes to…

We are truly inspired by the way practitioners devote their time and energy and constantly find innovative ways to help change the lives of individuals and families affected by substance misuse. By way of recognising and celebrating the hard work, dedication and compassion exhibited by recovery workers, nurses, prescribers and volunteers in the substance misuse sector, we decided to launch the Practitioner of the Year Award last year. The panel of judges were most impressed with the quality of the submissions for the award, and on behalf of the judges and the team at ILLY we would like to thank and congratulate all of the applicants.

The ILLY Team

After receiving many nominations, the panel shortlisted candidates whom they believed best demonstrated how their work positively affected their clients and the wider community. ILLY was absolutely delighted to announce this year’s winner, Dee Wyatt from Inclusion’s Hampshire service and present her with ILLY’s Practitioner of the Year Award and prize money on 7th July.

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The judges noted that Dee’s submission

 ‘stood out from the rest due to… its demonstration of the impact and high quality work’

Steve Ellis, Dee’s line manager, explained

‘Dee’s natural calmness and way of being is an asset to any team’

and emphasised her innovative practice, demonstrated by facilitating client trips and encouraging her clients to change their negative self-views and patterns of behaviour.

Dee was humbled to receive the award and was thankful for her team and volunteers. She said she was passionate about her recovery work as it gives her purpose. Dee also emphasised the benefits and the importance of her clients integrating back into the community and being able to live a normal happy life during recovery.

Thank you to everyone for attending the event and to Inclusion for hosting the day at their new centre. It was a brilliant opportunity to meet with you and understand first-hand the positive impact you create for your clients.

In this video, we share with you some highlights of the event.

Next Year… 

We will be in touch with you later this year regarding the opening of next year’s nominations. Be sure to get involved and nominate your colleagues for the ILLY Practitioner of the Year Award 2018!