Aquarius did not have a centralised system to manage their data, due to this staff were unable to access information quickly and securely. Clinics and data entry points were located at different sites, which compromised data quality and validity, there they needed a system that was flexible and could be deployed efficiently across the growing organisation


Aquarius worked in partnership with ILLY to implement and deliver LINKS CarePath throughout the organisation. This was achieved by working closely with the different teams such as PCTs and Hospitals, probation services and teams in the community. By using a structured approach, the project was successfully delivered on time and within agreed budgets.


As a result of the implementation, LINKS CarePath has helped the organisation to move forward and have a more flexible approach in their data-capturing processes. All the information is on the system, enabling Aquarius to become virtually paperless. The key element of the project was highlighting the importance of data.


“Out of the five systems that we assessed LINKS CarePath offered the most complete and comprehensive solution to our needs.  Also, it offers great value for money and we felt comfortable working with a renowned company, which works with numerous well-known organisations. ILLY have helped us transform our services and treatment within the West Midlands. I would definitely recommend ILLY to other organisations.”

(Tom Cleverley, Data and Information Officer, Aquarius)