Broadway Lodge found that information management was increasingly impacting on staff time with clients. Paper records meant that information was not centrally accessible and often needed to be physically sought out in the organisation. Furthermore, different departments would often hold different information on a particular client. Reporting was an even greater burden on resources. Producing mandatory reports involved manually sifting through over 200 client record files to extract the necessary information and enter it onto a spreadsheet. It was only practical to report on one criterion at a time and was a very labour intensive process. NDTMS was proving particularly difficult as it involved collecting a number of criteria from each client’s file and it was a challenge to maintain the accuracy of the data.


ILLY’s LINKS CarePath system was chosen by Broadway Lodge as it was immediately identified as being straightforward and easy to use but with a large number of features and functionality. These included a centralised client record containing all stages of the client journey and a powerful reporting tool, giving real-time access to all of the information held in the system at the touch of a button.
Broadway Lodge also felt that LINKS CarePath was more suited to a residential service such as theirs, as it had more flexibility then other systems, meaning that the medical information required
by Tier 4 services could be included in the client record. Different user levels within the system also meant that this sensitive information was restricted to authorised personnel.


  • A significant saving of time and resources
  • Increased communication within the organisation – access to all of a clients information, centrally and in real-time
  • Management overview of quality control processes – monitoring of staff activity
  • Mandatory reporting and other useful internal and external reports
  • Better information to commissioners that will improve relationships and increase the chances of winning contracts
  • Increased use of IT amongst all staff – a key long term objective for the organisation
  • Outcomes measurements will be possible through LINKS CarePath and detailed reports on these can be produced quickly and specific to each commissioner
  • The 12 Step Plan will run alongside LINKS CarePath which will be used to document the treatment provided as part of the plan and the progress made.


“Through using LINKS CarePath, information will be better managed and reported on. This will allow Broadway Lodge to demonstrate our service effectiveness and ensure that we continue to provide high-quality services to our clients."

(Pauline Bisset, Chief Executive, Broadway Lodge, 2006)