• To integrate the client management systems of many different agencies, each with their own standalone databases which could only be accessed and used locally
  • This was the first time drug intervention and criminal justice systems were to be integrated, meaning the system had to be NDTMS and DIRWeb compliant (including the new Community Minimum Data Sets forms and the NDTMS Prison Data Set).


  • We held a number of workshops to plan out the care pathways and data processes required across the partnership
  • We worked in partnership with both the NTA and Home Office to ensure that all data sets were compliant from day one
  • We created a common information governance and protocol for shared access which was agreed by all parties.


  • Continuity of care through a comprehensive and centralised database that can be accessed at each site via a web-based interface. This allows for inter-agency referrals, communication and alerts to identify problematic clients
  • We set-up advanced security and consent settings to ensure protection of data and authorised access
  • We developed flexible and intuitive reporting functionality for quicker and more insightful outcomes reports
  • We have laid the foundations for long-term financial gains through reducing data entry.


“ILLY had the necessary tools and experience to help deliver an excellent integrated criminal justice model.”

(Ellen Martin, Nottingham CDP Commissioner)

“Not only has data quality improved, but the services and agencies have now got more flexibility when treating clients.”

(Samantha Ireland, Nottingham CDP Senior Performance and Information Officer)

“The whole process has been very well run and caused minimal disruption to services in the area – well done!”

(Mark Whitfield NDTMS in Prisons Lead, Centre for Public Health)