• The service wanted to integrate their teams, and work more closely with partner agencies from which a referral and care pathway is often developed
  • The staff wanted to get clear visibility of the clients, their data and step-by-step communication between the teams to ensure that a careful and coordinated approach was taken
  • Reduce key worker administration time and increase information visibility for review and management.


  • We held workshops with each indidual team to ensure the system met all requirements
  • We Assembled a project team to analyse the referrals process and how best to promote joint working
  • We underwent a thorough assessment of all reporting requirements to ensure that these were met by either the Standard Reporting or User Driven Reporting features.


  • By working from a single shared record, the team are able to quickly and efficiently help the client, jointly with their partnering agencies
  • At each stage, any correspondence and interactions relating to the client can be readily captured and recorded
  • For those clients in more structured treatment, all the NDTMS data is checked and validated as the data is inputted. Client outcomes using TOPs or other tools are also used, with next review and action dates automatically prompted
  • The NDTMS reporting is available at a press of a button, with a 100% validation and compliance of data.


'In our MDT meetings we can use LINKS CarePath to work through cases, reviewing the care plans, discuss TOP reviews and any decisions taken regarding a young person's care plan, which can then be updated and recorded directly onto the system. It has helped integrate our teams to encourage more joined up working.'

(Laura Starky, ReFresh Service Manager)