• To replace our legacy systems with a single organisational web-based system
  • We required a system which supported web-based access for multiple concurrent users across different locations to meet data and reporting requirements at service level and produce organisational data
  • We wanted a modern electronic case management system to better coordinate clients’ care and track their recovery journey.


We developed an analysis and training workshop package and joint system configuration sessions in order to best understand how we would implement and use LINKS CarePath in our services. This included a phased rollout plan with pilot sites to suit our needs and a “super user” training approach.


  • User friendly client monitoring: Simple and easy to navigate around the system
  • Increased use of IT for case management amongst staff – an objective for the organisation
  • Comprehensive standard reports and user-driven reports that are offered as standard
  • Mandatory reporting and other useful internal and external reports.


It was great working with ILLY as they have a genuine interest in the field and in constantly developing and improving the system. Our shared expertise and approach meant that we were able to make the transition easily and we continue to realise the benefits of using LINKS CarePath.

(Luke Edhouse, Performance and Results Officer)