VIDEO: ILLY Systems now working together with AWP and DHI in Bath!

We are delighted to announce that we are now working together with AWP in Bath, who are collaborating with our partners DHI in the area!

Over the past two years, Bath and North East Somerset has seen an increase of adult drug misusers from 642 to 762, and 599 adults in treatment use opiates and/or crack cocaine. Therefore, the Commissioners would like to further integrate the treatment services and ensure that clients move to be more abstinence and recovery-focused. This is particularly so with the greater pressure on funding and need to evidence outcomes and the efficiencies made.

As the integrated approach progresses in Bath, we have recently started working with AWP to help them implement an integrated and recovery approach to case management for Substance Misuse. We are also collaborating with DHI, the regional NDTMS Teams and the Commissioners for the data migrations and the project. The project for the implementation of LINKS CarePath is now underway, with the go LIVE date set for 8th July 2013!

For an intro to the project, do watch the following video (make sure you turn your speakers on)!

If you would like further information on LINKS CarePath or the AWP project, you can contact us on 0207 749 2222 or Email