💉FocusOn: Prolonged Release Buprenorphine - Buvidal and Sublocade over view you may find useful. See :… https://t.co/TyLeRw9HYS

Success Story: Buckinghamshire County Council - Implementing a recovery led Substance Misuse service takes a lot of… https://t.co/TenCQJHA2G

👍SHARING – “Last year 4,393 people died due to drugs related poisoning in England and Wales alone - impacted by cha… https://t.co/LOSIB1jg92

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Success Story: Sunderland Youth Drug And Alcohol Project (YDAP)

              “We have been putting a lot of thought into how we can best … Read more.

Case Study: Aquarius Ngage – YP Service

“Our focus is on helping people understand their behaviours, and finding alternative ways to cope“ Aquarius 2021 Following the COVID-19 … Read more.

Focus On: County Lines

“County Lines has contributed to an 807% increase in children referred for support by councils in relation to modern slavery” … Read more.

Insight RBKC: Celebrating a Successful Partnership

Operating from the hub in Ladbroke Grove, the Insight RBKC Service works with young people, families, professionals, schools and all … Read more.

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