🙂Sharing: Hepatitis C infection risks liver cirrhosis and liver cancer esp within Substance Misuse. In Hampshire… https://t.co/grL4bUMOZg

😀 ILLY Systems is holding its 13th National User Group on Friday 29th Nov 2019 with leaders and professionals all c… https://t.co/TjiNKnEpJ5

RT @ILLYSystems: 😀Sharing: FocusOn : Hepatitis and Substance misuse - please see our latest article on this important subject https://t.co…

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Success Story: Eliminating Hepatitis C in Hampshire

“Through endurance we conquer“ Ernest Shackleton (Antarctic explorer) Success Story: Eliminating Hepatitis C in Hampshire Hampshire is a county in southern … Read more.

ILLY National User Group 2019 – A Brilliant Day!

We would like to thank everyone who attended the 13th ILLY National User Group meeting in London. The meeting provided … Read more.

13th ILLY Systems National User Group – 29th Nov 2019

ILLY Systems are delighted to announce the 13th National User Group, to be held on the 29th November in London. As usual, … Read more.

FocusOn: Hepatitis

“In the UK, more than half of injecting drug users (IDUs) tested positive for the Hepatitis C antibody in 2018.” … Read more.

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